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cisco Systems IOS Operating System

The "IOS" operating system runs on a variety of cisco platforms, including most routers and the 2900 an 3500 families of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches. In addition, other cisco products, such as the cisco 500 family of web cache engines implement a command line interface that is similar to IOS.

IOS has several features that make administration easier. The configuration file is stored as a sequence of commands. This same sequence of commands can also be displayed on the screen or written to a file over the network. There is a consistent command line interface for managing this configuration:

A large number of things can be displayed with the "show" command. Use "show ?" to get a list. The command "show run" shows the "running-configuration". The output is the same as that of "write terminal".

Commands can be abbreviated to the shortest unique string. For example, "write terminal" can be abreviated as "wr term".

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